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San Jose Neighborhood Child Sex Abuse Prevention Program

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Dartmouth Middle School parents. Music teacher Samuel Neipp is facing numerous sex abuse charges. Learn the warning signs of childhood sexual abuse. Find out how to keep your child safe from a potential pedophile. Keep Kids Safe is offering a free community program at the Vineland neighborhood public library. Pedophiles engage in predictable behavior, thus knowing what to look for is the key to stopping sexual abuse before it occurs. Learn more about this presentation.

California Sex Offender Registry

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California lawmakers want to remove many sexual predators from the state’s public sex offender registry. Under Megan’s Law, residents use the sex offender registry website to view if they live near convicted pedophiles and to protect their children if they do live near a predator. The proposed new law is opposed by Keep Kids Safe. While supporters of the law claim that those on the registry have a difficult time finding employment, we at Keep Kids Safe want to remind lawmakers that sex abuse victims must live forever with the harm that was caused and that the memories of the sex abuse never go away. Read more.

Predator Identification Training™

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For PTA Groups – Predator Identification Training Program™ The newly launched Predator Identification Training™ program is a free educational presentation showing parents and teachers the predatory grooming process that precedes child sexual abuse in the schools. Our trained volunteers will come to your PTA meeting, resource fair, or conference to present the 30-minute program in person. Educator Read More …

family therapy for childhood sexual abuse survivors

Therapy For Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

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As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, seeing a therapist or counselor is a powerful decision to make for yourself. Professional therapists help both adults and children resolve emotional conflicts, process memories of abuse, and provide a safe space to discuss paths to improve their current (and future) relationships and sexual experiences. There is no Read More …

child abuse

More Dangerous Myths About Child Abuse

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Child sexual abuse is an unfortunate reality for at least one out of every five children. Despite the very real danger, many parents find the idea of their child as a victim of sexual abuse too difficult to think about. We’ve already discussed some prevailing myths regarding the kinds of people who abuse children or Read More …

Effects of PTSD on the brain

The Effects of Child Abuse on the Developing Brain

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If your child has been molested, or you are an adult survivor of child sexual abuse yourself, you may have experienced the effects of child abuse on healthy development without ever understanding why or how these consequences take shape. While the impact of sexual abuse can take many forms—emotional, social, and also physiological—often victims are Read More …