A Guide to Selecting a Child Molestation Attorney

Child molestation carries life-long mental and emotional consequences on victims. If you are the parent or guardian of a child whom somebody has sexually abused, an experienced child molestation attorney can be of great help when navigating the legal process.

The right child molestation attorney will be your advocate and will fight to protect the rights of you and your child in an effort to hold the perpetrator(s) accountable for their reprehensible actions in criminal court while also making it easier for you to seek civil action against those responsible for sexually violating your child.

What You Need To Know To Choose the Best Attorney

Keep Kids Safe has put together a comprehensive guide to assist parents in their search for the right legal team. Available in an easily downloaded PDF format, this guide arms parents with the information to:

  • Understand their options beyond seeking criminal prosecution
  • Know when to seek a civil attorney
  • How to best choose a civil attorney
  • What questions you should ask a legal team

Regardless of who violated or molested your child, it’s critical to put an end to the abuse before the predator harms any more children. To do this, it will become necessary to take legal action against the abuser.

A Guide to Starting

Guide to Selecting a Child Molestation AttorneyConfronting a predator who has victimized you or a member of your family takes courage. To aid in the process, Keep Kids Safe has established a list of preferred attorneys who will help you and are actively involved in holding predators and the institutions that enabled their behavior accountable for their actions. These attorneys have demonstrated a commitment to victims throughout each step of the process.

Download our Guide to Selecting an Attorney to help start the process.