Predator Identification Training

The Predator Identification Training program is a free in-person presentation educating parents and teachers about the predatory grooming process that precedes child sexual abuse in the schools.

Educator sexual misconduct affects everyone, from the child to the parents to 99.9% of hardworking teachers to the school whose reputation is tarnished and ends up financially responsible for the harm caused to the child.

  • Nearly one in ten students will graduate high school as a victim of educator sexual misconduct.
  • According to the CDC, one in three women will be victims of sex abuse in their lifetime.

The Solution for Your School

Predators don’t just show up and sexually abuse a child. It’s a long process that starts with the “grooming” of a child by a person of authority, such as a teacher, coach or principal. Predators engage in behavior, which is easily recognizable and with proper training, can stop the predator before a child is harmed. We are developing a free 30-minute sexual abuse prevention program for parents and educators.

Let’s Work Together

We are looking for schools to help us launch this 30-minute training program although it is recommend that you allocate an hour to include questions and answers from attendees. A lunch hour or early evening presentation is recommended to maximize attendance. At this point, our program is not appropriate for children.