From Victim To Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse

From Victim To Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse

lifelong effect of childhood sexual abuse

Do You Find Yourself Struggling

Through the steps of becoming a “survivor” of childhood sexual abuse?

Childhood sexual abuse is one of the most difficult things individuals, and families may ever have to deal with in a lifetime. It’s something no child or parent should ever have to experience. And because of the feelings of shame associated with sexual abuse, it’s likely you feel you are carrying this burden alone.

You may have found starting the healing process exhausting. Frustrating. You may even find yourself asking if these feelings are worth working through – Or at what point it’s okay just to give up.

You Knew It Wasn’t Going To Be Easy

Calling the process of healing a “journey” isn’t just a cliche feel-good term. There is a road to healing. How long that road is, depends a lot on each unique individual and the directions (support) that’s available along the way.

And that’s the kicker: Everything about your process is unique. The struggles you’ll face, the process that fits your goals best, even the moments of doubt and your personal goals for what exactly healing means to you.

Everything is unique, except for this one bit…

Hope Is Your Most Powerful Tool

As long as you have a desire to continue working through your emotional trauma, you have all the power that you need. Essentially, the thing that makes not giving up worth it is the will and commitment to not give up. Which is kind of a catch twenty-two, right?

Remember, healing takes time. Addressing emotional scars, letting go of anger, building trust and faith in relationships – none of that is easy! It’s okay to take on only as much as you can handle, to roll with the setbacks, and even take breaks if the process is too draining.

But, no matter which stage of healing you’re at – through ups and downs, discouragement and fear, feelings of shame and hopelessness – remember that it is possible to live the life that you want to life. A life not defined by “victim-hood.”

You Won’t Ever Forget What Happened To You & Your Family

And while the prospect of ongoing, or even life-long counseling to maintain a lightened burden can be difficult to stomach, it is also why we urge parents to get professional support and help for their children as soon as possible.

Whether you are part of a family that has experienced sexual abuse recently, or you are an adult carrying the burden of your childhood molestation: You may never forget what happened to you or your family, but you are not alone, and there is hope of healing.

Don’t give up hope. Begin the process, find your path for healing. Because you can live a life that is not defined by sexual abuse as long as you remember you deserve to.