Inside the Mind of a Child Predator

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Inside the Mind of a Child Predator Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a child predator – What motivates their distorted needs, or how they could justify their actions? We asked Maya Nichols, a former parole officer who worked closely with sex offenders, about her experiences and insights into the…

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Identifying Red Flags

Child Molesters Work To Gain Your Child’s Trust It’s called “grooming” and it’s the way would-be pedophiles and child molesters earn your child’s trust, and often your own. The process is a perversion of romantic courtship: a multistage process in which abusers create a bond with your child, making it more difficult to detect sexual…

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Talking to Your Kids About Sex Abuse Safety

How To Talk About Sexual Abuse Safety Did you know that most children never report sexual abuse while it’s happening? If you think that’s crazy, think about this: Most sexual abusers are someone known and trusted by your family, not a stranger. The combination of a trusted family member or friend creating feelings of emotional…

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