Predator Identification Training™

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For PTA Groups – Predator Identification Training Program™ The newly launched Predator Identification Training™ program is a free educational presentation showing parents and teachers the predatory grooming process that precedes child sexual abuse in the schools. Our trained volunteers will come to your PTA meeting, resource fair, or conference to present the 30-minute program in person. Educator Read More …

New York Archdiocese Sex Abuse Fund

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Continuing with its efforts to settle sex abuse claims out of court and out of public view, the New York Archdiocese is now in Phase II of what it calls its Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program. The program was launched as New York lawmakers consider passage of the Child Victims Act, allowing New York sex Read More …

News Media

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On deadline? Need a quote? Working on an investigative piece? Keep Kids Safe is a trusted source for background information and expert opinion on childhood sexual abuse issues. If you are a member of the media working on a story, please contact us. Here is a recent article featuring Keep Kids Safe in the news: Working with Read More …

Summer Camp Safety

Summer Camp Safety Checklist

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Keep your kids safe with this summer camp safety checklist Summer camp is a perfect place for sex abusers to groom and abuse kids, which means it is time to think summer camp safety. Wherever there are kids there is the potential that a predator will have found his or her way into the camp Read More …

What to do if your child is molested

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Learn what to do if your child is molested A free guide to help parents You’ve just found out or you suspect that your child is sexual abuse victim. Whether the molestation is recent or in the past, you need to deliver emotional support to your child. Thus, by downloading our free guide, you will learn what to do if Read More …

O.B. Whaley School

$15 Million Justice For School Teacher Molestation Victims

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Attorneys Steve Estey and Robert Allard directed the legal team representing the school teacher molestation victims. They ensured that the school district was unable to bully the children’s families into accepting anything less than fair compensation for the lifetime of problems that these girls will likely experience from the abuse.

Guide to Selecting a Child Molestation Attorney

A Guide to Selecting a Child Molestation Attorney

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Child molestation carries life-long mental and emotional consequences on victims. If you are the parent or guardian of a child whom somebody has sexually abused, an experienced child molestation attorney can be of great help when navigating the legal process. The right child molestation attorney will be your advocate and will fight to protect the Read More …

family therapy for childhood sexual abuse survivors

Therapy For Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

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As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, seeing a therapist or counselor is a powerful decision to make for yourself. Professional therapists help both adults and children resolve emotional conflicts, process memories of abuse, and provide a safe space to discuss paths to improve their current (and future) relationships and sexual experiences. There is no Read More …

child abuse

More Dangerous Myths About Child Abuse

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Child sexual abuse is an unfortunate reality for at least one out of every five children. Despite the very real danger, many parents find the idea of their child as a victim of sexual abuse too difficult to think about. We’ve already discussed some prevailing myths regarding the kinds of people who abuse children or Read More …