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What to do when faced with the molestation of your child

We understand that you want to protect your child, but what are the best things to say and do? How do you even process your own feelings while providing support? If you’re feeling confused, you’re not alone. However, this period is critical. Please understand that the most difficult emotions a child molestation victim struggles with are shame and concerns that the sexual abuse was in some way their fault. So what can you do? Get informed so that you can make the best decisions for your child. Learn about the steps you should take to best protect your child from further harm.

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Learn the signs

The general misconception is that child predators are disheveled, dirty looking older men who drive around offering children candy. Even knowing that 93% of molestations are performed by someone within a family’s circle of trust, it’s difficult to shake the idea that well-groomed, middle-class women and men can be a risk to your child.

Because the process of grooming molestation victims takes time, awareness is key. By simply learning the stages that lead up to molestation, you can protect your child from bonding with someone who means them eventual harm.

Learn more about recognizing child molestation signs.

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Did you know?

Did you know?

When parents of sexually abused kids discover that their child has been the victim of child molestation, it can seem like their world is crashing down around them—and rightfully so.

Children who are victims of child molestation are more likely to suffer serious emotional and psychological scars throughout their adolescence and well into their adult lives. If they do not receive the help they need, this could damage nearly every aspect of their lives.

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Action that you can take

Action that you can take

Parents of sexually abused kids need to be educated on their legal rights and responsibilities—so that they can hold the abuser, and the organization that sheltered the abuser, responsible for these atrocities. Civil action may need to be taken and criminal charges must be filed to prevent another child from suffering the same fate. Download our free Guide to Selecting an Attorney for Your Sexually Abused Child.

Browse through our website and learn how to help your child receive the help he or she needs.

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Helping Your Child Recover from Childhood Sexual Abuse

It is important to understand how and why childhood sexual abuse shapes a child for a lifetime. The long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse can follow survivors throughout life. Additionally, these effects tend to disguise themselves, either; as a difficulty adjusting to; or difficulty coping with the responsibilities of normal adulthood.

The emotional scars of child molestation do not easily fade. Indeed, they often impact the child as they grow into an adult, their adult relationships, and even the relationships with their own children. Unfortunately, victims of childhood sex abuse are much more likely to find themselves in dysfunctional or even abusive adult relationships.

For families trying to understand how to best support a child that has experienced sexual abuse, it’s important to note that children who are disbelieved, blamed, or ostracized experience a greater sense of betrayal than those who are supported, believed, and shown understanding.

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