Keep Kids Safe

Helping Your Child Recover from Childhood Sexual Abuse

It is important to understand how and why childhood sexual abuse shapes a child for a lifetime. The long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse can follow survivors throughout life. Additionally, these effects tend to disguise themselves, either; as a difficulty adjusting to; or difficulty coping with the responsibilities of normal adulthood.

The emotional scars of child molestation do not easily fade. Indeed, they often impact the child as they grow into an adult, their adult relationships, and even the relationships with their own children. Unfortunately, victims of childhood sex abuse are much more likely to find themselves in dysfunctional or even abusive adult relationships.

For families trying to understand how to best support a child that has experienced sexual abuse, it’s important to note that children who are disbelieved, blamed, or ostracized experience a greater sense of betrayal than those who are supported, believed, and shown understanding.