Sexual Predator Identification Training™

A Free Sexual Abuse Prevention Program for Parent-Teacher Groups

The reality is that we don’t catch predators abusing children. Instead, we catch them breaking the rules and crossing boundaries.

Predators engage in “red flag” behavior which is easily recognizable.  The process is called “grooming,” whereby a predator sets out to gain the child’s trust, break down defenses, and convince the child to engage in the desired sex act. Knowing this easily recognizable behavior can help stop a predator before a child is harmed.

Preventing Sexual Misconduct

In our schools, the research shows that educator sexual misconduct is a major problem. By the time students finish high school, nearly one in ten students will have been a victim of educator sexual misconduct. It’s not just teachers that are engaging in the sexual misconduct of students. It’s also coaches, aadministrators, employees, and volunteers. In summary, it is anyone who has access to a child during school hours.

What do we know about pedophiles?

Pedophilia is a recognized mental disorder. Pedophiles are sick and diseased individuals. They cannot help themselves. They have to get next to children to satisfy their sexual desires. It’s like a drug addict going to the drugs or an alcoholic going to the alcohol. They cannot regulate their perverted sexual urges. So they go to where the children are, our schools. And that is why learning the warning signs of sexual abuse is critical to protecting students.

A Proactive Approach to Preventing Sexual Abuse

Our Sexual Predator Identification Training™ program is proactive in approach. It allows parents to identify easily recognizable “red flags” associated with sexual abuse. This live program is presented by experts and is available at no cost.

This presentation will help parents:

  • Identify the behaviors that potential pedophiles exhibit prior to sexually abusing a child.
  • Learn what to do if you spot “red flag” behavior.
  • Recognize the harm caused to children by sexual abuse.

Let’s Work Together

We are looking for parent-teacher groups to help us get this training program in front of parents. For this presentation, you provide the facility and a group of interested parents. We will help you promote the program.

We recommend a lunch hour or early evening presentation. The presentation is 30-minutes in length, but we recommend setting aside an additional 15-30 minutes for questions and answers. Our program is not appropriate for children.