Continuing with its efforts to settle sex abuse claims out of court and out of public view, the New York Archdiocese is now in Phase II of what it calls its Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program. The program was launched as New York lawmakers consider passage of the Child Victims Act, allowing New York sex abuse victims an opportunity to sue for decades old child sex abuse.

Keep Kids Safe is urging child sex abuse victims to think twice about utilizing the program run by the New York Archdiocese. Any victim who agrees to compensation from the fund is losing their right to sue the archdiocese. You may call one of our attorneys at 800-925-0723 to discuss your situation and to learn more about your options.

The church has actively lobbied and continues to lobby legislators to stop passage of the New York Child Victims Act. The bill aims to reform and fix New York’s archaic laws. The state currently has among the most restrictive laws for victims in the nation, requiring sex abuse victims to bring criminal or civil charges by the time they turn 23.

Phase I of the archdiocese program concluded in January 2017, reportedly with 144 people submitting claims for sexual abuse. Of those victims, less than half received settlement offers while 44 of the 64 victims receiving an offer actually accepted them. Because the claims are shrouded in secrecy, the amounts of each settlement are unknown as are the names of the offending priests.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is on record supporting 2017 legislative efforts to reform the time limits forced upon childhood sex abuse victims. Cuomo stated earlier this year, “sex abuse survivors deserve justice, plain and simple,” while urging the Legislature to pass the New York Child Victims Act once and for all. The New York Daily News continues to provide coverage while holding New York lawmakers accountable for their actions blocking the legislation.