New York Assembly Passes Child Victims Act

Tell State Senators Flanagan and DeFrancisco to Allow a Vote!

The fate of the New York Child Victims Act is now in the hands of the Senate and Governor Andrew Cuomo. The Assembly passed the Child Victims Act yesterday. For decades, childhood sexual abuse victims have been shackled by an arbitrary time limit that protects sexual predators and the institutions that cover up for and protect pedophiles.

The final vote count in the Assembly was a bi-partisan 139-7. Ten legislators changed their vote to yes throughout the day.

It is now up to the New York State Senate. The bill’s fate is in the hands of two people. Senators John Flanagan and Senator John DeFrancisco have blocked the Senate from taking a vote on the bill for years. They continue to block a vote, which is why it is important that all Senators receive a call asking that Flanagan and DeFrancisco allow a vote on this measure. It is also important that Governor Cuomo exerts his leadership on this bill. Silence is not an option.

Please call Senator Flanagan and ask him to allow a vote. His Albany number is 518-455-2071, and his District Office number is 631-361-2154

Also, call Senator Boyle as he voted for this bill in 2008 when he was an assemblyman. His number is 518-455-3411.

Senators like DeFrancisco (who sides with the Diocese of Syracuse) and Flanagan have shown their loyalty over the years to the Catholic Church and its practice of protecting pedophile priests. In New York, child sex abuse victims have just three years from the day they turn 18 to file a lawsuit in civil court against a school or institution that was negligent in that child’s sex abuse. The short time limit encourages institutions to cover up their negligence and use the time limits to evade justice and responsibility.

The NY Child Victims Act would allow victims until the age of 50 to bring civil lawsuits for their abuse, and it would open up a one-year look-back window for survivors who under current law can no longer bring cases to do so.